What kinds of water-cooling resistors are made by YINGFA?

The Water-cooling Resistor is a kind of high performance production, with serval engineers’ hard work in 2008.At present, there are more kind types of water-cooling resistors. Accroding to the test, the withstand voltage of the resistor is up to 5KV.?Sometimes, we can product the resistors with high-voltage?or high-current(10KA).

The power ?of the resistors is accroding to the requirement of customers. The highest power can be 1000KW. The water-coolling resistor of AL-shell power resistor is the main kind of the resistor.

The water of the water-cooling resistor is the ?nature water, city water, purified water,and so on. It is easy to mount. The surface?temperature of the resistor can be controlled in the range of 50℃. The using age?can be reached to 10 years.