Technical Knowledge

  • Which kinds of the aluminum cover resistor are used by inverters?

    As we known, the Al-shell power resistors are used to brake for the inverter, so we can call them as braking resistors. To the system of high-inertance, the motor can produce current when reducing the speed. At the same time, the current?can go to the inverter to rise the voltage of the inverter. When the [...]

  • What kinds of water-cooling resistors are made by YINGFA?

    The Water-cooling Resistor is a kind of high performance production, with serval engineers’ hard work in 2008.At present, there are more kind types of water-cooling resistors. Accroding to the test, the withstand voltage of the resistor is up to 5KV.?Sometimes, we can product the resistors with high-voltage?or high-current(10KA).
    The power ?of the resistors is accroding to [...]

  • Temperature control switch for high power resistor

    YINGFA can add the temperature control swith to all kinds of the high-power resistors according to the requirements of customers.
    Usually, the temperature switch valse is 125℃/130℃/140℃, at the same time, we can setup according to the need of customer.

  • What is the ultra-thin Aluminum housed resistor used for?

    Usually, the thin value of?resistor?is 5mm/7mm/8mm/15mm/20mm,and so on. We can make it according to the needs of customer.

  • How much is the highest power value of the trapezoidal aluminum-housed Resistor?

    The highest power value of the trapezoidal aluminum-housed resistor is 3KW/PCS. If the value is over 3KW, it can be produced to be RXLG-Resistor-Box, which contains sevaral RXLGs(trapezoidal aluminum-housed resistor)

  • How much is the highest power value?

    Answer: The highest power per high power resistor is 20KW. If the power is over 20KW, We?have to?produce it?to be?Resistor Box.