About US

SHENZHEN YINGFA ELECTRONICS CO., LTD is a professional manufacturer about the resistors, shunts, reactors, transformers, filters, etc. YINGFA has been established for over 15 years. The main products are wire wound resistors, power resistors, film resistors,?metal shell power resistors, fusible resistors, shunts, chip resistors, high-voltage resistors, braking resistor boxes, etc.

YINGFA PRODUCTS Resistor Wire wound power resistor, aluminum housed fixed power resistor, cement power resistor, plug-in type color ring resistor, chip type resistor(SMD), High precision metal film resistor,carbon film resistor, metal oxide film resistor, glass-glazed film high voltage resistor,water-cooling resistors, wind-power converter resistors,braking resistor unit, etc.
Shunt current sampling resistor, current shunt, etc.
Reactor Input reactor, output reactor, insulation reactor, etc.
Transformer Input reactor, output reactor, insulation reactor, etc.
Filter EMI filter, etc.

The YINGFA resistors are widely used for the national projects, the industrial control, the transportation systems, the inverter systems, automobile controling systems,the servo-systems, the new energy systems(solar systems, wind power systems), welding systems, ?power supply system, UPS systems, power charging systems, NC equipments, household systems, consuming electric systems, ?and so on.

YINGFA has been certified by ISO9001, ISO14001, and IATF16949. At the same time, the products of YINGFA have been certificated by RoHS/REACH/CCC/UL/VDE/CE…

In order to satisfy the market demand, YINGFA is equipped with large-scale stamping and processing equipments, metal material cutting equipments, drilling equipments, tapping equipments, milling machines, grinder processing equipments, wire cutting equipments, wire drawing processing equipments, etc.

YINGFA has a strong R&D team, which works to develop the new high technical products, and provide production solutions for CUSTOMERS.

YINGFA has developed some new products, which have been met (above) the standards of SJ/GB/IEC. Some products can be up to the standards of MIL.

All staff in YINGFA will observe the enterprising spirit of “Assimilating the more advantages, and achieving the better performance ” as always. YINGFA will woleheartedly serve all customers.